Monday, February 2, 2009

“When you have nothing, anything is possible.”

“When you have nothing, anything is possible.”

This is a year for hope – not despair. Hope or optimism is not about denying reality; it’s about seeing the possibilities for creating a better reality than you currently have.

Yes, I’ve always been an optimistic guy because I really do believe that every problem brings with it the seed of a solution, and I believe that the search for a solution can itself be inspiring and hopeful. If you lose hope, you will not be looking for solutions and will miss them even it they pass right in front of your nose.

More can be gained by focusing on those talents and gifts you know God has given you. Focus on what you’re moving to, not what you’re moving from. Circumstances beyond your control may lead to losing your job and maybe your home – but losing hope is a choice. Remember, “When you have nothing, anything is possible.”

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