Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Celebrate Life!

Life is a Celebration

How we view our life will make difference in how we live life. If we live our life viewing it from a biblical perspective, it will have deeper meaning than if we see it through a pessimistic view. In Ecclesiastes 11–12, we find Solomon’s ultimate conclusion to his view on life, and the lessons he learned.

1. Life is a stewardship; invest it wisely. Ecclesiastes 11:1–6

Everything in life—not only possessions, but also family, friends, relationships, everything we have—is a gift from God. He entrusted us to manage all of His creation/blessings on His behalf. we don’t own it, but He’s giving it to us for us manage it for Him. we see, the whole of life, Solomon said, is a stewardship, and so we must invest it wisely.

2. Life is a celebration; delight in it. Ecclesiastes 11:7–12:8.

For us to enjoy life and to see it as a celebration, there are three things that we must do—rejoice (11:7–9), remove (11:10–11), and remember (12:1–8). Rejoice in each day. Anticipate every new day as a gift from God, and look forward to literally waking up and unwrapping that wonderful gift each day. Start our day with gratitude. Remove bitterness, false beliefs, bad habits, and unwholesome relationships from our life now before they endanger our future. Remember the constant presence of God. Wherever we go, He is with us and He is watching over us. Remember to obey His Word, to seek His righteousness and His kingdom first—for that is the secret to our success. Remember to place Him first in every decision we make.

3. Life is a school; grow in it. Read Ecclesiastes 12:9–12.

How does God teach us in His school of life? Primarily, it is through His Word. Our textbook is the Bible, and our teacher is the Holy Spirit. There are always new lessons in God’s school. There are always new examinations coming up and every time we think we’ve passed one exam, there is another one on the way. We always have opportunities to grow, progress, and advance.

4. Life is a responsibility; succeed in it. Read Ecclesiastes 12:13–14.

Life is a gift from God. And like any gift, there is an obligation associated with it—an obligation to value it, to cherish it, and to gratefully use it. We need to fear God with a godly fear—an attitude of gratitude, reverence and awe. It is an attitude of love and respect for the poor and the greatness of the giver of the gift.

we may feel that we have been heading in the wrong direction. This is the time; this is the moment for us to get back into the game of life. Begin to see life as a stewardship to be invested wisely. Begin to see it as a celebration to be delighted in. Begin to see it as a school in which we grow. Begin to see it as a responsibility in which to succeed. Jesus Christ lives and prepared everything before us. Lets not put Jesus' preparation in vain. Thank you Jesus!

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